Our Need

We are looking for 40 churches and individuals to partner with us in equipping pastors and church leaders with biblical truth by supporting John Divito as our Conference Manager. We need 40 to commit to monthly financial support so that John and his family can move to South Africa. Even if you are not able to commit to monthly support, a one-time gift will greatly help John’s family with their initial costs. Through John’s leadership, we look forward to glorifying Christ by equipping church leaders to rightly handle the word of truth. Please prayerfully consider becoming one of the 40!

Monthly Financial Needs

Number Monthly Commitment
7 $500 per month
10 $200 per month
12 $100 per month
6 $50 per month
5 $25 per month

Initial Financial Needs

$55,000 covers Pre-Field Orientation, Airfare, Vehicle, Home Supplies, and Ministry Supplies